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Digital Modulation Systems
Project Game Changer

QAM-OFDM Digital Signals


"QAM-OFDM is not efficient because most of the time and energy consumed by the aggregate signal is spent with its sub-carriers in contention with one another and not conveying readable modulation."

Peter Blake 2013



DJROCK has invented revolutionary digital modulation technology that exponentially increases the data-thru-put of today's digital
broadcast and telecommunications methodologies.

This is not a mere enhancement of existing technology - this is a complete "Game Changer".

Early radio modulation schemes were designed primarily for the transmission of analog audio - not to convey bits and bytes. As a result, today's digital modulation techniques are not 'spectrum-efficient'.


DJROCK has invented the world's first truly digital radio and telecommunications modulation system. Perhaps, it's time to rewrite the science books.

NOTE: This website is a 'work in progress'.

Public Disclosure of Patents


This website serves as a public announcement that DJROCK has invented novel digital modulation technology.

This site does not disclose the particulars of any patent-worthy invention to the extent that it enables a person with ordinary skill in the art, to duplicate any invention being described.

This sites does not offer anything for sale.

The inventions described herein are not being publicly demonstrated or utilized.

Portions of this website are redacted for the protection of forthcoming world wide patents.

Digital Modulation


In the past, modulated radio signals were utilized for the transmission of analog audio and video content and/or low bit-rate data signals.

As radio communication technology has evolved, modulation techniques have improved to allow for high bit-rate digital modulation, replacing traditional analog audio and video modulation methods.

DJROCK's new technology improves the spectral efficiency of digital modulation exponentially.

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